How to prepare for CUET 2023 and successfully pass it: useful tips


The CUET 2023 General University Entrance Test for undergraduate studies is scheduled for the third week of May 2023 by the National Testing Agency.

Interested candidates should know the CUET 2023 curriculum before starting preparation for the CUET 2023 exam. You can get acquainted with the full curriculum and examination scheme online.

CUET 2023 Curriculum

To facilitate the task of candidates, the Curriculum and the examination scheme of the Education Entrance Test are provided on the website.

With the help of the CUET 2023 Curriculum and the Examination Scheme, students will get an idea of the topics that will be asked in the exam and how much time will be allocated for its completion. In the corresponding curriculum, students will have to answer 60 questions out of 75 in the general test.

According to the previous curriculum, it was said that the test would contain 5 sections. The sections were divided as follows:

  • general knowledge and current events;
  • general ability;
  • numerical ability;
  • quantitative reasoning;
  • logical and analytical thinking

It was mentioned earlier that each of the 5 sections will contain 15 questions, and students will have to answer any 12 from each section.

Curriculum for bachelors and masters

Now let’s move on to the updated CUET 2023 curriculum of the general test in the CUET exam. NTA removed the division of sections in the area of the general test, which was earlier. Now students will see general knowledge, current events, general ability, numerical ability, quantitative reasoning and logical and analytical thinking. Despite this change, students will still need to answer 60 questions out of 75, as indicated in the previous curriculum. Previously, it was clearly defined that there would be 15 questions from each section, and 12 of them would need to be answered, but now, according to the updated CUET 2023 examination scheme, students receive a mixed composition of 75 questions from various fields.